Outsourcing your Document Management is Smart Business

April 2nd, 2012

Managers have long been known to delegate document management responsibilities to administrative staff, but this doesn’t make good use of employees’ time or capabilities. Instead of making a dent in their own to-do lists, administrative staff must spend considerable time on document management projects – tasks for which they were never trained – tasks that often involve a steep learning curve.

These days, when budgets are tight and employee productivity is critical, it’s worth it to consider outsourcing your document management. Here’s why:

  1. Expert Service: Outsourcing ensures you will receive service from highly-trained experts who know the ins and outs of scanning equipment and technology. They’ll complete document management projects quickly and efficiently.
  2. Admin Productivity: Handing off your document management means your administrative staff won’t use up precious company time trying to complete tasks that require considerable time and expertise. Outsourcing frees them up to do the work they do best.
  3. Off-site Management: A staffing firm like OptiScan can oversee the entire document management project remotely. There’s no need for on-site management of the project or staff – and no associated HR expenses to budget or figure in.
  4. No Payroll: Using outsourced experts minimizes your payroll responsibilities, too. Your staffing firm manages payroll – this saves you time as well as employment taxes and other overhead.

Consider outsourcing your document management to improve project speed and accuracy while maximizing your own employees’ efficiency. Outsourcing may prove a smart, cost-effective decision for your business.



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