Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Digitizing Paper Files

July 23rd, 2012

Your administrative employees possess all of the skills necessary to do their jobs well – but do their job descriptions include digitizing documents or operating a scanner? This skill set is not as universal as Microsoft Office or “good people skills.” Before tasking your admin staff with digitizing files, check out these common mistakes businesses make:


  • Overestimating internal staff. Even if they’re whip-smart and capable, it’s unlikely your staff understand the complexities of scanner settings or output types right out of the gate. Unless they have proper training and experience in the challenges of scanning (e.g., double feeds, jams, preparation), the time required to complete the job may be considerably longer than you first anticipated.


  • Underestimating equipment requirements. While the price of scanners has dropped over the years, the old adage still applies: you get what you pay for. Don’t expect high speeds or high volumes with a $150 desktop scanner from your local office supply store. While high-end scanners still fetch a high-end price, they are well worth the cost when it comes to doing a job quickly – and doing it right. Optiscan has access to such high-quality machines – and our highly-trained professionals understand the ins and outs of operating and maintaining such complex equipment.


  • Failure to create a detailed plan for storing, indexing and searching documents. Experts like Optiscan have created scanning and digitizing strategies for hundreds of companies. Our professionals understand the importance of assessing the task at-hand and know exactly how to organize, index and name files, not to mention the many other aspects of digitizing and scanning.


  • Failure to eliminate paper processes. Businesses take a giant leap forward when they decide to digitize their backfiles of paper documents, but the project will continue needlessly if their backend business workflow and processes are still generating paper. Until companies shift their paper-based workflow and processes in favor of digital strategies, they will never fully realize the efficiencies of going completely paperless.


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