Four Reasons to Consider the Cloud for Disaster Recovery

November 12th, 2013

Disaster recovery in the cloud has become a priority for businesses seeking a secure and reliable method for backing up and restoring critical data in the event of a hardware failure, everyday outage or natural disaster.


Cloud disaster recovery services provide off-site data storage, replication and mirrored facilities, helping companies recover quickly and maintain business continuity even in the wake of large-scale disasters. Here’s a look at the top four reasons why the cloud has become the best defense against disaster:


  • Indestructible: In the event your hardware fails or disaster wreaks havoc in your city, your data will be safe and accessible in the cloud. Using the cloud for disaster recovery means automatic recovery with faster restoration, minimal data loss and decreased downtime, even if your physical site is damaged during a disaster.


  • Affordable: Service providers manage all backup equipment and storage systems while also reducing the time and driving down the costs of doing the same work internally. In fact, disaster recovery in the cloud has provided significant cost savings over traditional tape-based systems or privately managed disaster recovery sites. Providers also offer trained experts, use documented best practices and invest in recovery automation tools your business likely wouldn’t purchase otherwise.


  • Strategic: The constant use of smart phones, email, apps and the web has created an explosion of data, increasing the disaster recovery workload for companies’ IT staff. In fact, many businesses report they don’t have sufficient staff to update and test their disaster recovery strategies on a regular basis. However, with disaster recovery in the cloud, your provider takes over a hefty share of the workload, freeing up your IT professionals to focus on strategic initiatives for your company.


  • Compliant: The cloud offers an extra measure of support for businesses in industries with strict or complex regulations and data retention requirements. Cloud-based back-up means data is secure during transmission, storage and access – particularly important benefits for privacy and record retention regulations.


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