Five Tips for Creating an ECM Strategy

February 25th, 2014

Whether or not you have a formal enterprise content management (ECM) strategy, your company probably has its own methods of creating, storing and sharing documents among employees. This method probably works just fine, but is it the most effective, and does it safeguard the integrity of sensitive company or client files?


Efficiency is the name of the game in today’s breakneck market, so it’s worth your while to carefully define an ECM strategy that optimizes your employees’ time and talents, company budgets and other resources.


Start today with these five tips to define an ECM strategy for your business:


  1. Identify your ECM team: Determine who among your staff should create and manage your ECM strategy. While IT will play an integral role, it’s also important to include end-user employees who will access the system day-to-day. They will provide powerful insight on which functions will help them do their jobs.


  1. Evaluate your current methods: What are your company’s existing processes for storing and sharing content? How are the processes structured, and what are the bottlenecks and other pain points? What are the effects on productivity, and which departments stand to benefit most from improved processes and enhanced ECM capabilities?


  1. Identify causes: Are your content issues caused by people, processes, technology or some combination of several factors? Take a deep dive to find the root causes of your bottlenecks and sluggish processes.


  1. Enhance and optimize: Once you’ve rooted out the problems, it’s time to implement an ECM strategy. Your solution may address document storage and delivery, data capture, technology standardization, business process automation, and numerous other areas that will help improve business outcomes.


  1. 5.     Evaluate your results: After implementing your new ECM system, it’s important to monitor your results and identify any red flags. Are users adopting the new system with ease, and are they satisfied with the results? Are you noting improvements in your processes, and greater efficiency across your organization? Refine your strategy as needed to ensure you’re addressing the issues you set out to solve.


You may also consider hiring a consultant to help you create your strategy or to manage specific elements of your ECM – things like document capture, scanning or automating repeatable processes.



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