Benefits of Business Process Management

May 9th, 2013

business calculationsDescribed in broad terms, Business Process Management, or BPM, is a management philosophy that focuses on understanding and optimizing business processes. To break it down further, BPM helps companies reduce human error and miscommunication and focus stakeholders on the requirements of their roles.


Companies typically combine a BPM management approach with BPM software to improve workplace productivity, reduce costs, and anticipate changing market demands. Even a basic investment in a BPM software suite can yield significant returns. Here’s a summary of the four key benefits of BPM:


Workforce Productivity: Business Process Management streamlines operations and automates processes, but that’s just the beginning. BPM suites like @Appian go far beyond improving efficiency, allowing you to build in rules, notifications and triggers that reduce process errors. The system helps companies optimize workflows, identify bottlenecks, speed up approvals and even improve quality.


Cost Reduction: Improved workplace productivity also reduces costs. BPM suites monitor day-to-day business processes for continuous improvement and efficiency, helping companies speed decision-making, increase product output and quality, accelerate cycle time and gain incremental revenue.


Compliance: BPM products like @intalio help companies standardize business processes, make more efficient use of services and systems across an entire organization while also ensuring compliance with policies and regulations. What’s more, BPM also logs every step of a running process, simplifying record keeping and auditing.


Agility: Perhaps the most important benefit, BPM helps companies adapt and respond quickly to a rapidly changing market. Software programs like @Cordys BPMS support a continuous process improvement cycle, enabling organizations to adopt and embrace change and at the same time stay in control. Such programs help you build in intelligent rules to ensure your business processes will adapt automatically to changes in the business environment. In today’s competitive marketplace, this ability to anticipate changes and shift gears is critical for success.



Automate Form Approval to Speed up Sluggish Paper Processes

January 28th, 2013

Many companies continue to use paper for their everyday business processes. In a typical scenario, one department creates a PO, prints it out and routes it to another department for review. Assuming the PO meets with approval, the paper form is signed and delivered to a third in-box for sign-off. By the time it’s approved, the PO has traveled from department to department in a tedious process that’s needlessly time consuming and inefficient.


KeyboardIn today’s lightning-fast business environment, such inefficiencies bring work to a grinding halt. Automated form approval eliminates lag time by speeding up common business processes. E-versions of paper forms are electronically routed from one department to the next. Approvers can choose to review and sign off on docs manually, or they can approve forms automatically based on built-in, predefined rules and parameters.


Companies like Oracle, EMC and OpenText offer Business Process Management (BPM) tools to help businesses automate form approval and other processes. However, simply buying the software won’t solve your paper problem overnight.


Unless you’re in the business of Workplace Automation, you may consider hiring a consultant to help you examine your processes from top to bottom to select the right BPM tool for your company. A consultant can also guide you through discovery, identify holes in your processes, help you develop clear metrics on approval parameters or bottlenecks, and create audit trails for your automated forms.


Transitioning from paper-based processes to automated forms will maximize your company’s efficiency, mitigate delays in form approval, and relieve approvers of the burden of reviewing and signing forms that meet criteria for approval.



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