Tips for Document Security in the Cloud

October 13th, 2013

Working in the cloud has become a normal part of business for companies large and small. And if you’ve jumped onboard and are using the cloud in your business, you know the benefits significantly outweigh the risks. But how can you protect sensitive company information when it’s stored online, and how do you keep a record of who is accessing what? Read on for five tips for safeguarding your data in the cloud.


  • Cloud computing security conceptAudit your users: Keep close tabs on your users’ privileges and access activities. Employees with access to highly sensitive files should receive a high degree of scrutiny. It’s also important to train them on securely handling the data.
  • Secure your network: Work with your IT staff to protect your infrastructure from network and application threats. Provide extra protection and monitoring to highly valuable intellectual property, and build in analytics that show you which users are accessing what content.
  • Limit access according to device: While privileged users may have access to important company files while working in the office, you may want to limit access from home or on mobile devices where networks are much more vulnerable.
  • Separate work and home: It’s also important that users keep corporate data separate from personal info on smart phones, tablets and other devices. You may even consider scanning users’ devices for vulnerabilities to ensure your data is safe no matter what the access point.
  • Scan for threats: Add a security intelligence solution to give you full visibility into network, application and user activity. This extra layer of security will help you detect anomalies, identify vulnerabilities and pinpoint high-priority incidents among billions of data points – before it’s too late.


The cloud is never completely failsafe, but these tips will help your business mitigate the risks while maximizing the benefits of the cloud.



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