Does Your Document Management Problem Need a Customized Solution?

August 8th, 2013

There’s lots of talk about the benefits of document scanning, digital records and automated processes – and plenty of doc management software programs that claim to do it all – but what’s the document management solution for companies with complex needs that can’t be addressed with template software?


If your business falls into this category, read on to learn how other companies have realized the benefits of document management with customized solutions that solve their unique document problems.


Automated Workflow

Shelves of Hospital FilesIt seems like a tiny matter, but manual form approval can bring business to a screeching halt. This was the case for a Fortune 100 technology company that incurred significant costs when manual form routing delayed critical business processes. OptiScan’s team created a powerful workflow solution that dramatically enhances efficiency. The custom program automates the approval process with built-in rules that dictate routing, define approval parameters, designate back-up approvers and relieve bottlenecks.


Web-Based Document Management

Like many paper-based companies, a major Arizona pool builder found itself drowning in paper, with stacks of contracts piled high on desks and filing cabinets taking up an entire room. The issue grew worse as the company (and paper) grew larger – until OptiScan designed a web-based doc management program that immediately solved the company’s paper problems. We scanned, digitized and uploaded contracts, vendor payments, and other critical documents, and our web software allowed immediate, approval-based access to documents that once were locked away in filing cabinets.


Quality Documentation

In highly regulated industries, effective document management is an absolute must. This is especially true for one of OptiScan’s clients, a global security company whose quality documentation is audited on a near-daily basis. And since they’re required to provide such documentation for every single item they ship, they needed a solution for accessing and furnishing related documents quickly and easily. OptiScan’s custom program digitizes documents and stores them on the web, helping the company access quality reports, speed up processes, and improve the bottom line in a very real way.


Importing Documents into Document Management Systems

November 3rd, 2008

This is a significant challenge when thinking about adopting a document management system. It’s easy for corporations to grasp the idea of having a single application that all knowledge workers use to search for documents. But how do we get electronic documents, paper, or other specialized media into the system so it makes sense.

Many things need to be considered when prior to importing or uploading documents into a document management system. First of all, are they electronic already or in paper form? How will these documents be indexed so relevant searches can be made? Will the contents be Optically Recognized to extract the text elements for unstructured search? Once the bulk of the enterprise content is loaded into the document management system, how will day forward imports into the system be handled?

These questions as well as others are important to figure out early in the process of implementing a document management system for your company. OptiScan has worked with many companies and helped them sort through questions and implemented seamless capture and document management systems.


Web-based Utility for Document Management

October 8th, 2008

OptiScan has created a very simple document management tool that easily manages scanned archives for retrieval with a powerful search interface. We realize there are many options for document management but have stuck with the notion that less is more when it comes to user adoption. Learn more by visiting our eVista Document Management site at



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